About Us

Tjipta Group has been a major player in the wood manufacturing field in Indonesia since 1972. Our group has offered a range of high quality wood products with superior services to satisfy our customers in construction, furniture industries, and other wood related products.

By using quality control, our company has driven the process of manufacturing to produce quality product made to precise specification according to customers’ wants and needs. Continuously improving our quality of the product and expertise have rewarded our companies with numerous orders from customers around the world. Our companies have been certified with both ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, SE MARK to improve quality and working environment.

Our human resources teams contain employess with well-trained, qualified, professional and extensive experiences. We continue to improve our human resources by providing them with intensive internal and external training. Continuously improving the management team will lead to a better leadership and management in order to keep up with the modern trend and the changing needs of the global market.

"Providing better products and services are our commitment to meet customers’ satisfaction"